Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Craziest week so far!

 Okay this week was full of events!

First of all we are teaching this older couple. We taught the restoration and they both have seen the movie as well. They have had a lot of bad experiences with churches in the past but they feel the spirit every time we come (even though they won't admit it). Linda, the wife, is out of town for the month. Which is sad because now we can't teach Robert unless we have another member present. We had set up to see him later this week but then he called us to cancel, while on the phone we decided to ask him to attend church. Surprisingly he accepted! He also finally read the Book of Mormon! After like 2 weeks! That was a miracle!

Shaun and Michelle. They both are trying to get clean and come unto Christ. It's going to be a very bumpy road but their testimonies are so firm! They have been coming to addiction recovery, which is by far the most spiritual session I've ever had! There is a few others who go and they share the most powerful testimonies! Shaun and Michelle have been a daily contact for us. We are helping them do all they can tokeep clean so they can be baptized!

A day in Anthony
We can't get into Anthony very often, so when we do, we make a day of it!  There's a few people we see: ----Opal, she's a recent convert who was slipping away for a little bit and actually picked up smoking again... She's very much a bible girl and was still having a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon. It has
gotten better now that she is reading it more, she has been sick lately with a horrible cough!
----Crystal, she is a solid investigator. She was taught by the elders but then they referred her to us cause her husband isn't always home.  She's almost done with the Book of Mormon she's read all the way through to Alma 30 within a month. She smokes so she is working on that.
----Cindy, she is basically the most solid member ever! She loves her missionaries and feeds us all the time.
----Brueggers. They are new converts and we try to see them every so often. Unfortunately on the way to their house, an ambulance was at Opals house! We ran over and apparently opals cough was so bad
she was throwing up and couldn't breath! She went to the hospital but luckily it wasn't anything too serious..
-----Then the Shearins! They are new converts as well and I don't think I've ever seen a new convert participate in missionary work as fast as they have! This week they gave us a third referral! He came to church last week and we taught the restoration. It was a super awkward lesson though cause he already read through it and already knew the Book of Mormon was true... So while we were teaching him he kept skipping ahead! It was super scrambled but he said he felt the spirit and that it confirmed even more to him that the Book of Mormon is true! Even when lessons are messy the spirit can testify!

We saw Lenard again, he loved church last week but couldn't come this week. We taught him the plan of salvation. And did some service for him.

Now to make matters even crazier, I got the flu! Even though the whole mission got flu shots! I think it might have been from opal, because I got a terrible cough like she did! I had a cough all day Friday but by Saturday night I had a terrible fever and aches! It was the worst timing! We had 8 investigators at church but we couldn't even go! :(   Our mission nurse had me go to the doctors on Monday to make sure it was just a flu and nothing else. We were in the office for over an hour! Then after that they wanted me to rest, so we had to cancel some of our appointments, and stay home! It's been a long weekend!

Last of all... It was transfers. So right after the doctors our president calls us... He's called my companion to train again! So dear sister Pasko is white-washing and training! While I am left in Ocala with my new companion Sister Beaver! I've meet her before, she is super cute and sweet I am excited to serve with her, I am really nervous taking the lead in the area though! President has made some
big changes! Our Ward has three sets of missionaries 2 sets of sisters and 1 set of elders. But now we are changing to 2 sets of elders instead, so basically all the sister are leaving except me!!!

And I'm still sick! Which is sad because I don't want to have my new companion sick too! Anyway I am loving my mission! This transfers going to bring a lot of interesting experiences. 

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