Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This week has been the best!  I wasn't home sick at all and it's been amazing here in Florida! Everyone's in short sleeves with the ac on!

The one bad thing about holidays is its super ineffective for missionaries... Everyone out of town or family is coming in. A good week for members just not investigators. We made cookies and letters for everyone in the ward and passed them out.

Christmas Eve we went to our ward mission leader with his family. They planned a huge party for about 30 people but by the end of the day, everyone had cancelled except us 6 missionaries. It was fun though, we
made finger bread houses, strung popcorn and cranberries, played out the nativity. Also they had about 4 dozen doughnuts, so we kind of started a doughnut eating contest!.... And I won! Okay well I tied. But that's only because we ran out of doughnuts! Me and one Elder tied at 9 doughnuts each. It was super fun and delicious!

Then on Christmas we had a district meeting. For our leaders training he had me help him play out a scene in Napoleon dynamite. Then after the meeting I skyped my family!!! And then, we headed to the Masy's
they are super fun. We had a great dinner and got to sit in his awesome car again! Also play with snakes, they make great bracelets! ;)

And then to finish off the night we went Christmas caroling at the square again! It's my favorite place to tract at. Everyone is so friendly and nice we were able to show a lot of people he is the gift cards.

We also had a huge miracle!! There's a member in the ward that organizes all the move ins and contact reports. And he randomly found a family that had moved in about a year ago. Well he gave us the address and we went over and it was a less active and his wife. They were just talking about a church that day! They have 3 kids and only the father is a member. They are golden investigators and she is super
excited to learn more about the church! We're seeing them twice this week and they're coming to church next week! So excited! I'm so thankful for the members and keeping things on tract! We would of never found this family! :)

Today for p-day we went to a paint shop!

Also will you thank everyone for me! Everyone wrote me cards and sent me stuff it was the best!! Especially the shirt the Stewart's gave me! I love all of it! And the stuff from Italy!  Sorry to say but even with skyping I'm  not home sick! I just love the mission way too much! :)  Anyway thank you for all you do for me and for everyone that has been looking out for me!

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