Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Party!


We are having a mini transfer again on the 30th. So we had a trade off with the sister training leaders. I stayed in my area with a new companion and we went and tried a less active that lives in the middle of no where! We drove there and saw her, then we got lost! We had another appointment but we were driving for an hour trying to get home! It was awful! So I decided it's worth it to buy a GPS for my mission!
 Then we had our mission Christmas party it was so fun!! We all met in Orange park and each zone did a skit. We did Mr. scrounge and the 3 ghost, but only missionary style! It was about missionaries and their
old mistakes they made while serving! It was way fun, some elders changed the lyrics to a frozen song so it was about missionary work, it was a hoot! After that we had dinner, then a Christmas devotional! And then.....we got lost on the way home....haha definitely buying a GPS! Hahaha.  I saw Daniel again. 

We also had a ward Christmas party! It was awesome they set up a table for us missionaries to set up pass along cards and other materials. It was great because a lot of less active families came and investigators. We ate something called grape leaf... It's gross!

Anyway this week has been slower with all the getting lost on the roads! But it has been a great week for finding new investigators! All of us missionaries went to a place called "the square" it's basically temple square outside of Utah, there's tons of lights and stores everywhere. So we all went there and sung Christmas carols! It was a great event! We ran around helping people take family pictures and then we were able to talk about "he is the gift" and the gospel! Everyone said they would watch it and we had quite a good group of people gathered around us while we sung!

I am so very excited for this week! We are planning on going caroling again this week. For Christmas we have district meeting and then we are going to some members! A member had some old dresses so my
companion and I wore them together! I am so excited for Christmas and the spirit of Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas everyone!

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