Monday, November 17, 2014

Yes I am alive....

Hello!!! Yes I am alive, I wrote you last week but for some reason is sent to drafts instead of sending! Haha here was last week's: 

This week was super fun, but long. Our teaching pool keeps changing, it's been hard to find people who are actually dedicated. I love the south cause everyone is soooo religious.. But everyone likes their own church too much to even consider another. There's a church here called Meadow Brook. I don't understand a lot about it but what I have heard is that it is huge, it has a coffee shop inside it, and a band plays and everyone gets up and dances.. NO! Don't go there! Come to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Haha! Anyway we found a family this week! We met the father before and finally met the rest of them. (They go to Meadow Brook) anyway they have a daughter who's 9 but she knows her bible better than me! She has tons and tons of questions! She defiantly ponders a lot of stuff about all these different churches! We are very excited to go back and answer her questions. 

Shaun is still on for his baptism, but it got pushed back. Bishop wants him to take the addiction recovery class. He's still going strong though, he's trying hard to quit smoking, and other commandments. 

We had a ton of tracting this week! We went around and we actually taught like 6 lessons to people we found! We also saw the ice cream man again, who gave us FREE ice cream, again! Man life is good! Also while tracting we saw a tiny lizard, I couldn't help but catch it! I guess not all missionaries grow up.... :) 

Our iPads are down so we have been using the "old fashioned" paper area books! This wouldn't be a problem if all our information wasn't on our iPads! We lost all our investigators addresses and contact information, we have been able to find some of them from memory, but that's about it. It's neat to use the paper area books but I sure do miss all our information! Hopefully Salt Lake will be able to figure out the mistake and fix it for us! 

Love your all!   Kelsey

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