Monday, November 17, 2014

Service and tracking!

Hello! This week has still been super crazy!   Our area book is still off so we have still been "starting from
scratch" at first they were trying to fix it here, then they sent the issue to Salt Lake, and now the engineers are working on it! Our new couple missionaries said if that still doesn't work they will send it to the prophet! Hahahah they are funny! But yeah so that's been really hard.

We have A TON of less actives here! Half of our teaching pool has been with less actives! We are trying to get them recommitted! We had a lot of tracking this week! We aren't finding a lot of people who are truly
ready, we found 3 people who were interested but turns out they are in an other missionaries area, so we found them but we won't be teaching them! Haha at least they will be taught by someone though, that's all the
matters! :) One of the members is Hugo, he's the one that always talks in Sweden to me! Anyway he found a huge service project that we can do for a less active, so now we can go back and reteach her!

We tracked and met a blind man, he is 60 and black, he used to go to a church but his driver passed away. He has herd a lot about our church (false things) but he loves our company and he has been asking a lot
of question! He has a "book reader" so he is going to put the Book of Mormon on it and listen to it!

We saw Linda and Robert again! They are the best! They are investigating the church, but at the same time they are my adopted family... They are incredibly skeptic of the church... Linda has a really hard time grasping that angels ministered to Joseph Smith. We watched the restoration video with them last night and our bishop actually came with us! It was an incredible lesson! This was the first time that Robert actually asked questions! Robert is a Massan (I don't know if that's how it's spelled but it's a very private religion) Some religions don't allow him to come to their services, so he asked bishop if that was the case with our church, right off the bat the bishop told him we have a few members who are Massan! I think that appealed
to him especially! Apparently they have a very similar service like the endowment session in the temple! He even asked where the church was! I think their issue is they don't want to admit our church is true! But deep down I think they already know it! :) they are just being stubborn! Hahahahahah I found out Linda gave one of the members names to take to the temple! Obviously she believes in work for the dead! Next time we see them we are going to set a baptism date!! Hahahahahah

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