Monday, November 24, 2014

Mission, Facebook and Technology!!

This has been a busy week! We are trying to get a facebook movement going along! I told Kendra about it but you all should do it! We are trying to make this event go world-wide!! It is super exciting! I don't know if you have seen it yet but it's the #thankfultobeamormon event. It's a one minute video and you
talk about your life and you commit 3 others to post the video as well! We are trying to make it go world wide you should all do it.  But yeah facebook is super fun on missions! We can only use it one hour a day, and it can't be during prime proselyting time. We can only add immediate family from home, and I can't like or comment on anything on your wall, but you can on mine. It is actually way effective! We contact a lot of members and ask for online referrals. A big help facebook has been is to "flood the earth with testimonies" last time we did a Book of Mormon event and it ended up in the top 10 trend worldwide!!!!

Using iPads is so great! We have every resource you could imagine! Our area book is all on our iPad so we have all our members, investigators, all their addresses and contacts, and we update their progress on it as well! It's great, except our iPads crashed so....everything is lost! Hahahahahah it's been a fun trial.

And this is how someone spelled my name!
The weather right now is really windy and rainy, it's a tornado watch day! It's crazy I didn't know that was a thing! I definitely don't feel as safe not in Utah but I seriously do love it here! :)

We had a huge miracle, Shaun came to addiction recovery and he loved it! He was super against it but he is really trying! After class he asked for a priesthood blessing! One of the Elders gave him one and it was the
most powerful blessings I've ever heard! It answered a lot of his concerns and some of his questions of the soul! It was great!

It was also Sister Paskos birthday! So here's what I did. Without her knowing I had the other sister help buy gifts for her. We secretly got them into the apartment and so on Sunday morning when sister Pasko was in the shower, I blew up balloons, put up streamers, covered her desk in chocolate kisses and wrote her a note. When she got out she was so shocked! She had no idea I had anything planned for her! Now before we sat down for studies she pulled out her chair and I had a necklace for her! She was so excited! Plus our Ward here loves us so we have plenty of food and desserts from everyone! We are also going out with
a family tonight for dinner! :)

We are super excited to move! We move this Wednesday! I will send you the new address next week! For now just use the mission home address if you have anything! I am absolutely loving my mission! I can't wait
to skype all of you next month! :) I love that Kendra is home and having so much fun! Also that is awesome about Jordan and Brandon! That's seems like a great experience! If any of the family asks I can
only add my immediate family on facebook!

                                                             I love you all so much!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Service and tracking!

Hello! This week has still been super crazy!   Our area book is still off so we have still been "starting from
scratch" at first they were trying to fix it here, then they sent the issue to Salt Lake, and now the engineers are working on it! Our new couple missionaries said if that still doesn't work they will send it to the prophet! Hahahah they are funny! But yeah so that's been really hard.

We have A TON of less actives here! Half of our teaching pool has been with less actives! We are trying to get them recommitted! We had a lot of tracking this week! We aren't finding a lot of people who are truly
ready, we found 3 people who were interested but turns out they are in an other missionaries area, so we found them but we won't be teaching them! Haha at least they will be taught by someone though, that's all the
matters! :) One of the members is Hugo, he's the one that always talks in Sweden to me! Anyway he found a huge service project that we can do for a less active, so now we can go back and reteach her!

We tracked and met a blind man, he is 60 and black, he used to go to a church but his driver passed away. He has herd a lot about our church (false things) but he loves our company and he has been asking a lot
of question! He has a "book reader" so he is going to put the Book of Mormon on it and listen to it!

We saw Linda and Robert again! They are the best! They are investigating the church, but at the same time they are my adopted family... They are incredibly skeptic of the church... Linda has a really hard time grasping that angels ministered to Joseph Smith. We watched the restoration video with them last night and our bishop actually came with us! It was an incredible lesson! This was the first time that Robert actually asked questions! Robert is a Massan (I don't know if that's how it's spelled but it's a very private religion) Some religions don't allow him to come to their services, so he asked bishop if that was the case with our church, right off the bat the bishop told him we have a few members who are Massan! I think that appealed
to him especially! Apparently they have a very similar service like the endowment session in the temple! He even asked where the church was! I think their issue is they don't want to admit our church is true! But deep down I think they already know it! :) they are just being stubborn! Hahahahahah I found out Linda gave one of the members names to take to the temple! Obviously she believes in work for the dead! Next time we see them we are going to set a baptism date!! Hahahahahah

Yes I am alive....

Hello!!! Yes I am alive, I wrote you last week but for some reason is sent to drafts instead of sending! Haha here was last week's: 

This week was super fun, but long. Our teaching pool keeps changing, it's been hard to find people who are actually dedicated. I love the south cause everyone is soooo religious.. But everyone likes their own church too much to even consider another. There's a church here called Meadow Brook. I don't understand a lot about it but what I have heard is that it is huge, it has a coffee shop inside it, and a band plays and everyone gets up and dances.. NO! Don't go there! Come to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Haha! Anyway we found a family this week! We met the father before and finally met the rest of them. (They go to Meadow Brook) anyway they have a daughter who's 9 but she knows her bible better than me! She has tons and tons of questions! She defiantly ponders a lot of stuff about all these different churches! We are very excited to go back and answer her questions. 

Shaun is still on for his baptism, but it got pushed back. Bishop wants him to take the addiction recovery class. He's still going strong though, he's trying hard to quit smoking, and other commandments. 

We had a ton of tracting this week! We went around and we actually taught like 6 lessons to people we found! We also saw the ice cream man again, who gave us FREE ice cream, again! Man life is good! Also while tracting we saw a tiny lizard, I couldn't help but catch it! I guess not all missionaries grow up.... :) 

Our iPads are down so we have been using the "old fashioned" paper area books! This wouldn't be a problem if all our information wasn't on our iPads! We lost all our investigators addresses and contact information, we have been able to find some of them from memory, but that's about it. It's neat to use the paper area books but I sure do miss all our information! Hopefully Salt Lake will be able to figure out the mistake and fix it for us! 

Love your all!   Kelsey

Monday, November 3, 2014

Short and Sweet!

That is so awesome! I can't believe you guys are there! I miss Kendra so much. This week has been a bit slow. We have been working with a ton of less actives. Halloween was fun though! We cant dress up but we went to the trunk or treat with our investigators. On Halloween we went to a few members, we did some service for one, had dinner at another, and read the Book of Mormon at the last. Then on Saturday we helped a lady in the ward to make pies. She taught us the easiest pie dough recipe. 1cup flour, half that with shortening 1/2cup, then half it again with water 1/4cup. We might make pie soon. So we had Shaun for being baptized on the 22nd but our bishop wants him to go to addiction recovery so now it might be delayed. Which is okay, he is very set in our church, he might relapse but he's not going anywhere..

Anyway I'm sorry I don't have more time, all us sisters are going to lunch today so we are a little short.