Monday, October 13, 2014

The Shearins baptism!!!

This week has been a little more slow... We had tons of people cancel our appointments, and 2 investigators dropped us! :(  One of them is a lady named Debbie, she has been super committed!.. But, after we taught the word of wisdom she didn't want to give up tea or coffee! We are trying to get her to see that these aren't silly rules and that they really are commandments from God! I think we'll be able to help her out. 

This picture was  from the other week when I saw Daniel, but this is my district! Our presidents and Elder Golden and their wife's. The girl I am sitting by is sister Hawkins and her companion sister Elg (sister training leaders) the other four sisters on the other side live in Tuscany with us!

I had trade offs this week! Usually with new missionaries they sent them to the other area (Gainesville) but they had me stay in Ocala! Sister Pasko went with sister Elg to Gainesville, and sister Hawkins came with me. All of our appointments and back ups fell through! So we tracked, we found 4 new potentials though so that was incredible! 

The Shearins baptism!!!!! The Shearins are a family sister Pasko had previously, we see them pretty regularly. They got baptized on the 11th. They are perfect examples of people who are ready for the gospel, they stopped smoking and drinking on the spot. They have tons of referrals, and family they try to bring to church with them! We set up their baptism and we filled up the font....but I totally put the water too hot so it was a "hot tub" we were trying to put ice in it to cool it down! But it's okay they said it just made the the spirit feel even warmer hahahah! We sung Joseph Smiths first prayer at the baptism ( I didn't get a picture ) it was great! 

We loved your Halloween package!!! Sister Pasko was so happy you got a shirt for her! I've never seen shirts like that, they are my favorite!! I haven't got your other package but I bet it will be here at 5:00 with the mail! Sister Pasko is sending a letter home... I don't know what it says hahaha 

We took pictures with our shirts but it's on the other sisters iPad so I'll try to get it today for you! 

I'm so excited for your trip to Italy! Meet the Mormons was so great! It didn't hit a lot of theaters down here though :( hopefully the word will go out though! 

I love you mom! Hurrah for Israel!

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