Monday, October 6, 2014

Such a good week!

Well this week has been awesome, we finally got our bikes on Monday and we went to ride them on Wednesday but 10 mins after riding my companion fell! She had bruises and scraps everywhere and twisted her ankle. Our super productive day turned into having her lay down with ice. We were able to make our appointments later though so that was good, we have been incredible blessed!
 We ran into an old lady named Shiree, she was mowing her lawn and we asked to help. She asked if we
were Jehovah witnesses because she hates Jehovah witnesses and Mormons! We told her we were the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... Mormons. Then She was telling us she hates that we are not
following Jesus Christ. After clarifying some major false rumors, she became interested! We taught her the restoration and plan of salvation in one setting! We showed her the Book of Mormon and right off the
bat she asked where she could get one! We gave her ours and she said we could come back Saturday!

Then on that same day we were walking around and the ice cream truck man came! We flagged him down in hopes to get a cold treat on this hot day! When we stopped we realized we didn't have any cash, just our cards. BUT! Here's this sweet ice cream man and he said "I know the kind of work you girls do, have some ice cream for free!" He was the best! He was catholic, but he appreciated that we were out teaching! He recently saw Heaven is For Real, so we told him about meet the Mormons!  He said we might look into it. He was so nice.

Then on Friday we were tracting and the neighborhood we were in wasn't very friendly so we weren't making a lot of progress. There was one house down the street that I knew we had to knock on!
We went to it and this guy named Jim started talking to us, he had a lot of dogs and cats and was telling us about them, his wife got us water bottles and started talking to us too, after a few minutes Jim asked if we would like some ice cream sandwiches! (Lots of free ice cream this week) anyway they invited us inside and we talked for a few more minutes. THEN they took us to dinner! We were talking to them for like 15mins total then gave us water, a treat, and fed us! They are the best and they both are different religions but they have been around Mormons before and love us! They asked us a lot of questions, we told them about conferences and they love the tabernacle choir! They said they will watch it and they want us to come back next week!

We have 4 baptisms this month and counting! This is truly a blessed area! Conference was great! And guess what! I get to watch Meet the Mormons tomorrow!!!! They got a film for our missions so we can all see it!
Other than sister Pasko getting hurt on her bike we are doing awesome! Bug bites are bad here though.   This store we go to takes a quarter to use the carts,

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