Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving forward with missionary life

Hello mom! I forgot to tell you that this was transfer week, so today is PDAY. Also I am so excited for you guys! I miss Kendra so much! She is awesome!
                       My companion and I  found Wonder Woman shirts at Walmart and since I'm training we
thought it was appropriate

This week has been awesome. We found a blind man that used to go to church but his ride stopped, we're going to have him come to ours!

here's one of me teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

We also saw Linda and Robert, they are very skeptical of our church but they love my companion and I. We went and surprised them in our service clothes! We spent an hour weeding her yard. She was asking a lots of questions about Joseph Smith. They are going out of town soon but we might watch the restoration video.

 I got my hair cut.  This is the before and after. 

Also we had a breakthrough with Shaun! He finally Got his answer! He knows our church is true! He is detoxing from the drugs, and if he comes to church this 3 next Sunday's he can be baptized on now 22nd!
He's even coming to dinner with us as at a members home!
finally got a gators shirt

Since we don't live in our area we are moving! We are moving into a mother-in-law suite at a members house. We are planning to leave in 2-3 weeks, so don't send letters or packages.
Here is a classic Florida sunset.

Today as a district we carved pumpkins! Tomorrow we have a trunk or treat we are hoping a lot of investigators come! We have to be inside on Halloween but we don't know where we will be yet.
My companion scared me and randomly sprayed me with silly string!

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