Monday, October 20, 2014

Being a sister missionary and working hard.

 It's hard to think back to the week we had. 

We are teaching a man named Shawn. He is a drug addict but is trying to change, he knows there is a god, but he's talking to Jehovah witnesses, he is trying to choose a church. His mom is a member and is trying to help us out he's extremely difficult to teach because half the time we go over, he's intoxicated... But, we're not giving up on him, we have a drug addiction class at the church so we're trying to get him to go. 
Love the shirts Mom that you gave us.
Next is Shiree! She is so funny! She hates Mormons but after talking to us she is very interested. Her husband passed away in May so she's by herself. We have taught the restoration and plan of salvation, she is very stuck in her ways and is worried that she has to give up her beliefs for our church, next time we see her we are showing her elder Bednars talk,moms and see. We also are going to help her paint her house! We are so excited! 
Sitting in a members car.
We have a less active member and she referred her neighbors to us. The husband Robert hates missionaries and will slam the door on them...however... He has never had sister missionaries! :) He not only opened to door to us, BUT he invited us in! We spent an hour just talking with them and having fun! (Little did he know we are planting a seed) because we went back this week and taught the restoration, he has been to many churches and strongly believes the truth is no where to be found. BUT! he said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray! Who hoo! Him and his wife adore us, they admire our faith and they told us they can see the spirit of the lord radiate from us! :) they are very protective of us as well, he basically taught us self-defense! And he tried to give us flashlights that have a blade on them! Haha he ended up giving us other flashlights though.
Love the Journal that Lydia gave me--Thank Lydia
My companion and I have been having an awesome time! We have a little too much fun together! I'm not sure what my mission president was thinking but he put the sister who laugh the most together hahaha! Also we do a ton of biking!! We biked over 20 miles in one day!  Haha I love being a missionary and not only that I love being a SISTER missionary! Also we might be moving! We don't even live in our area so they want to move us, there is a member in our Ward with a mother in law suite, we checked it out and love it, we are hoping to be moved out by next month! 

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