Monday, October 27, 2014

Moving forward with missionary life

Hello mom! I forgot to tell you that this was transfer week, so today is PDAY. Also I am so excited for you guys! I miss Kendra so much! She is awesome!
                       My companion and I  found Wonder Woman shirts at Walmart and since I'm training we
thought it was appropriate

This week has been awesome. We found a blind man that used to go to church but his ride stopped, we're going to have him come to ours!

here's one of me teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

We also saw Linda and Robert, they are very skeptical of our church but they love my companion and I. We went and surprised them in our service clothes! We spent an hour weeding her yard. She was asking a lots of questions about Joseph Smith. They are going out of town soon but we might watch the restoration video.

 I got my hair cut.  This is the before and after. 

Also we had a breakthrough with Shaun! He finally Got his answer! He knows our church is true! He is detoxing from the drugs, and if he comes to church this 3 next Sunday's he can be baptized on now 22nd!
He's even coming to dinner with us as at a members home!
finally got a gators shirt

Since we don't live in our area we are moving! We are moving into a mother-in-law suite at a members house. We are planning to leave in 2-3 weeks, so don't send letters or packages.
Here is a classic Florida sunset.

Today as a district we carved pumpkins! Tomorrow we have a trunk or treat we are hoping a lot of investigators come! We have to be inside on Halloween but we don't know where we will be yet.
My companion scared me and randomly sprayed me with silly string!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Being a sister missionary and working hard.

 It's hard to think back to the week we had. 

We are teaching a man named Shawn. He is a drug addict but is trying to change, he knows there is a god, but he's talking to Jehovah witnesses, he is trying to choose a church. His mom is a member and is trying to help us out he's extremely difficult to teach because half the time we go over, he's intoxicated... But, we're not giving up on him, we have a drug addiction class at the church so we're trying to get him to go. 
Love the shirts Mom that you gave us.
Next is Shiree! She is so funny! She hates Mormons but after talking to us she is very interested. Her husband passed away in May so she's by herself. We have taught the restoration and plan of salvation, she is very stuck in her ways and is worried that she has to give up her beliefs for our church, next time we see her we are showing her elder Bednars talk,moms and see. We also are going to help her paint her house! We are so excited! 
Sitting in a members car.
We have a less active member and she referred her neighbors to us. The husband Robert hates missionaries and will slam the door on them...however... He has never had sister missionaries! :) He not only opened to door to us, BUT he invited us in! We spent an hour just talking with them and having fun! (Little did he know we are planting a seed) because we went back this week and taught the restoration, he has been to many churches and strongly believes the truth is no where to be found. BUT! he said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray! Who hoo! Him and his wife adore us, they admire our faith and they told us they can see the spirit of the lord radiate from us! :) they are very protective of us as well, he basically taught us self-defense! And he tried to give us flashlights that have a blade on them! Haha he ended up giving us other flashlights though.
Love the Journal that Lydia gave me--Thank Lydia
My companion and I have been having an awesome time! We have a little too much fun together! I'm not sure what my mission president was thinking but he put the sister who laugh the most together hahaha! Also we do a ton of biking!! We biked over 20 miles in one day!  Haha I love being a missionary and not only that I love being a SISTER missionary! Also we might be moving! We don't even live in our area so they want to move us, there is a member in our Ward with a mother in law suite, we checked it out and love it, we are hoping to be moved out by next month! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Shearins baptism!!!

This week has been a little more slow... We had tons of people cancel our appointments, and 2 investigators dropped us! :(  One of them is a lady named Debbie, she has been super committed!.. But, after we taught the word of wisdom she didn't want to give up tea or coffee! We are trying to get her to see that these aren't silly rules and that they really are commandments from God! I think we'll be able to help her out. 

This picture was  from the other week when I saw Daniel, but this is my district! Our presidents and Elder Golden and their wife's. The girl I am sitting by is sister Hawkins and her companion sister Elg (sister training leaders) the other four sisters on the other side live in Tuscany with us!

I had trade offs this week! Usually with new missionaries they sent them to the other area (Gainesville) but they had me stay in Ocala! Sister Pasko went with sister Elg to Gainesville, and sister Hawkins came with me. All of our appointments and back ups fell through! So we tracked, we found 4 new potentials though so that was incredible! 

The Shearins baptism!!!!! The Shearins are a family sister Pasko had previously, we see them pretty regularly. They got baptized on the 11th. They are perfect examples of people who are ready for the gospel, they stopped smoking and drinking on the spot. They have tons of referrals, and family they try to bring to church with them! We set up their baptism and we filled up the font....but I totally put the water too hot so it was a "hot tub" we were trying to put ice in it to cool it down! But it's okay they said it just made the the spirit feel even warmer hahahah! We sung Joseph Smiths first prayer at the baptism ( I didn't get a picture ) it was great! 

We loved your Halloween package!!! Sister Pasko was so happy you got a shirt for her! I've never seen shirts like that, they are my favorite!! I haven't got your other package but I bet it will be here at 5:00 with the mail! Sister Pasko is sending a letter home... I don't know what it says hahaha 

We took pictures with our shirts but it's on the other sisters iPad so I'll try to get it today for you! 

I'm so excited for your trip to Italy! Meet the Mormons was so great! It didn't hit a lot of theaters down here though :( hopefully the word will go out though! 

I love you mom! Hurrah for Israel!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Such a good week!

Well this week has been awesome, we finally got our bikes on Monday and we went to ride them on Wednesday but 10 mins after riding my companion fell! She had bruises and scraps everywhere and twisted her ankle. Our super productive day turned into having her lay down with ice. We were able to make our appointments later though so that was good, we have been incredible blessed!
 We ran into an old lady named Shiree, she was mowing her lawn and we asked to help. She asked if we
were Jehovah witnesses because she hates Jehovah witnesses and Mormons! We told her we were the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... Mormons. Then She was telling us she hates that we are not
following Jesus Christ. After clarifying some major false rumors, she became interested! We taught her the restoration and plan of salvation in one setting! We showed her the Book of Mormon and right off the
bat she asked where she could get one! We gave her ours and she said we could come back Saturday!

Then on that same day we were walking around and the ice cream truck man came! We flagged him down in hopes to get a cold treat on this hot day! When we stopped we realized we didn't have any cash, just our cards. BUT! Here's this sweet ice cream man and he said "I know the kind of work you girls do, have some ice cream for free!" He was the best! He was catholic, but he appreciated that we were out teaching! He recently saw Heaven is For Real, so we told him about meet the Mormons!  He said we might look into it. He was so nice.

Then on Friday we were tracting and the neighborhood we were in wasn't very friendly so we weren't making a lot of progress. There was one house down the street that I knew we had to knock on!
We went to it and this guy named Jim started talking to us, he had a lot of dogs and cats and was telling us about them, his wife got us water bottles and started talking to us too, after a few minutes Jim asked if we would like some ice cream sandwiches! (Lots of free ice cream this week) anyway they invited us inside and we talked for a few more minutes. THEN they took us to dinner! We were talking to them for like 15mins total then gave us water, a treat, and fed us! They are the best and they both are different religions but they have been around Mormons before and love us! They asked us a lot of questions, we told them about conferences and they love the tabernacle choir! They said they will watch it and they want us to come back next week!

We have 4 baptisms this month and counting! This is truly a blessed area! Conference was great! And guess what! I get to watch Meet the Mormons tomorrow!!!! They got a film for our missions so we can all see it!
Other than sister Pasko getting hurt on her bike we are doing awesome! Bug bites are bad here though.   This store we go to takes a quarter to use the carts,