Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Zone Conference and I will be serving in Ocala Florida.

Ran in to Daniel Dan at Zone conference
Hey mom! We had zone conference yesterday so our PDAY got pushed back to today. Florida is so amazing! The humidity hasn't been at all, I've barely noticed it. It rains everyday and I love it! My new companion is amazing! She's a lot like Kendra and we have become very close, it's so fun and simple to work and teach together she's been trying to push me out of my box and to be more bold with people it's kind of scary to invite people to be baptism when we just met them 10 minutes ago! She reassures me that I am doing a good job! She said she wouldn't even of known I was new, she is very sweet and encourages me to be more like her. Elder Golden talked to us yesterday he is an amazing teacher and answered a ton of our questions! Also guess what.. I saw Elder Dean! Hahaha It hasn't even been a week out here till I found him. I'm in Ocala which everyone considers the blessed area, it's the most baptizing of areas, it's odd how many different churches there are out here, there's churches in old school building,In the strip malls, and in old homes! The lucky part is that every one is so religious, so when we bring up Jesus Christ they get all excited, most of the people live good Christian life's, it's just the matter of the priesthood! Haha I apologize for such a short scrambled letter, I am still adjusting to this new life. I have had no setbacks of any kind, yes I do miss you guys but missionary work is too exciting to be hung back! I learn so much everyday compared to my testimony now, I'm not sure if I even had one before! Everyday I'm finding more reasons why I was sent here, there is no other place or thing I should be doing then the Lords work in Ocala! I love the people, the ward, and the word, I love reading the BOM everyday! Also I have to buy a bike! I have money in my account so it's just the means of finding a good bike! I love you guys dearly and I'll try to take more time and write more next week! My comp is Sister Pasko, from Washington.

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