Monday, September 29, 2014

Ocala is a blessed area!

        Florida is awesome! I love the area so much! The humidity has been the worst today but even then I feel like its not too bad. All the trees have moss all over them and they are very pretty. I live in Tuscany place apartments and they are very nice-- much nicer than my dorm! We have a gym we go to every morning or sometimes we run around this pond.   There are lizards and frogs everywhere.   I've caught 2 so far but they are so fast!   The mosquitoes are bad.  We have two investigators that we teach on their porch so when we get home I have huge bug bites! 

    My companion and I are best friends! We have so much fun together and with the members.   The members here love us! I think we went 1 night without having someone feed us dinner! We have two other sisters in my apartments one pair is in our ward the other is in the earlier ward, we all work out together though so we are close. Well my companion and I had fun this last-day we made pretzels and did face mask.  
           I have to buy a bike this week! We had to give one of our cars to a sister who had an injury and who needs to have a car.   We are in a car share with the other sisters, but they didn't compromise the miles for us so we are super restrained we already went over for this month but we have a huge area! We cover 3 towns!    It's the biggest area in the mission and we have a car share, its super frustrating.   Sisters usually don't have to bike,  its only our area really. 
        The investigators have been wonderful!   We have a family named the Shearins and they cant wait to be baptized and they want to come out and teach with us.  They already gave us another investigator and she is getting baptized in 2 weeks! It is great! We have a family of 6 we are trying to teach, the mother is an exotic yeah its going to take some time to get their family going, the parents like to talk to us, but they don't care much for religion, the kids however really want to come to our church and they are reading the Book of Mormon! One of the daughters has down syndrome and she especially wants to come to our church.   I'm hoping we can convince the parents through their kids hahaha!  
       We met another family where the dad used to be Mormon.  He fell away from the church.  He has some concerns about our life on earth and how it was planned out.  He thinks its not right for God to "trick" us and put us here on this earth for this experience.   My companion and I were able to talk to him more about the plan of salvation and why things are the way they are.    We helped him with some of his doubts and he asked it we could come back when his wife and kids are home. (don't worry we had a member with us in his house).  He said he would like his kids and family to have a Mormon experience.  He would like them to be a part of girl's camp, church, scouts and all that jazz.  It may not be the right reason to come to church but it is a start and we will take it.  
        Ocala is considered to be a blessed area and I agree.  We have only had 6 hours of tracking so far.  We have been constantly busy with appointments and we have 11 potential people for baptism.  We have been very fortunate that the times we did go tracking we found people who was interested!  I am very excited for conference! We will be inviting so many people to listen to conference.  We made flyers and handed them out everywhere! I hope we get a good turn out.   The movie "Meet the Mormons"  is coming out soon!  The church wants members to spread the word and get friends to watch it!   I think we will be having a zone get together and we will be watching it then.  
The mission hasn't been too hard yet...knock on wood. the hardest part is not being able to take a nap everyday! haha but tracking and teaching has been really great! Sister Pasko is amazing and has been teaching me a lot!   I am seriously so happy I am here!

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