Monday, September 8, 2014

First letter from MTC

I am including Kelsey's first letter from the MTC today.  This was written to Gary and I the day she arrived in the MTC.

Dear Mom and Dad,
                                           Wednesday September 3rd
           Thank you for supporting me in my choice to serve a mission.  The MTC is great.  After you dropped me off I had a quick check in and then I was straight off to my class.  My district is super fun.  Oddly enough we have some Elders going to Africa in my district.  The Sisters are awesome.  There are four of us heading to Florida.  We share a 6 person room so it isn't cramped.  My companion is Sister Taylor, she is 21 and she graduated from BYU.  The other sister is the girl I met online before we came and her name is Shelby Mann and she is a lot like me.  The last sister in our group of four is Sister Smith.  She went to Logan and did a year of USU.  Yea Aggies!  We did a combined teaching with 40 missionaries and investigators it was cool to see these investigators and their interest in the church.  We also got free BYU ice cream so that was cool.  Our dorm isn't too bad it reminds me of my dorms at college except for one bathroom we have for a entire floor.   I can't say I miss home yet.  The MTC is very fun, spiritual, and very educational.  I don't think I will even have time to miss home.

                                        Thursday September 4th
         Today has been a long day!  I did not sleep well and I struggled staying awake.  We are going to start teaching investigators tomorrow.  Okay well it's actually our teachers pretending to be investigators but still!  We have to prepare lessons and help them to come to Christ!!

        We met our branch president today and they are fun.  One of the couples are from Alpine.  Also I met Grandma's friend Holly.  She was so sweet!  My P-Day is on Wednesday and I will be able to email you then, but I wont be able to email until about 2 weeks after that.

         Thank you for the notes that you put in my scriptures!  That was so fun to open them up and see what was written for me.  I Love you Guys very Much!  I Love that I am here and that I am going to teach it's Awesome!!!!

                                                    Love Sister Knudsen 

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