Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Being set apart--Tuesday September 2nd

Tuesday evening I was set apart to be a missionary serving for 18 months in the Jacksonville Florida Mission.  It was a very nice evening with my grandparents, and my family and my friend Mackenzie Williams.  President Bangarter and Dave Summer came over for the setting apart.  I was given an amazing blessing by President Bangarter.  These were some of the bullet points from the blessing: 

Kelsey's blessing
- rights powers and responsibilities
- born to goodly parents, 
-You are seen for your beautiful spirit.
-You have implemented things of the gospel into your life
-You are now armed with Gods/Christ's powers
-Angels have charge over you 
- You will preach with authority
- You will be an outstanding missionary with exact obedience 
-Work hard at everything
-Example of the believers, others look to you as one of steadiness, and dedication 
-You will be able to study and learn quickly 
-Spirit of humility/be teachable 
- You will pray repent every day and sharing your deepest thoughts with God
-Sacrificing own will for His and see the blessing that you receive.
-Unity with your companions without conflict, drama or contention. 
-Established atmosphere of love in apartment and with the relationships you have with your companions
-Others will want to be your companion and be grateful for your companionship. 
-You will gain friends in your companions
-Long lasting relationships with companionship 

Pictures from this event:  

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